Ambassadorsz® – Join Us

Dear skaters,

The first step in becoming a member of our Ambassadorsz® initiative is that you must read our 4 qualifications:

#1 - Enjoy skating because of your own genuine reason.
#2 - Have a drive and a purpose in life, regardless of your age.
#3 - Possess a will to work with us toward growing a public awareness of FAIR price for QUALITY product.
#4 - Maintain a drive to stay connected with us by sharing stories and content that we can share with the world, collectively.

If you meet these 4 qualifications, your second step toward joining us is sending founder and owner, Wayne Gallipoli, an email.

The rest will happen.

Our World-Wide Family

Amane Kishida - Japan

Andrew Xis - The Netherlands

Anton McCampbell - USA

Artem Vladimirov - Russia

Berry Plasman - The Netherlands

Clark Patrick - USA

Donny Williams - USA

Garrett Grossman - USA

Giuseppe Maltese - Italy

Isaac Doughty - USA

James Woodford - UK

Jan - Germany

Jason Mitchell - USA

Liam Buckley - USA
Lyndsay McClaren - UK

Molly Crompton - UK

Nate Vernia - USA

Noah Schott - USA

Noishh Boom - Puerto Rico

Pearse D'Arcy - Ireland

Pierrick Aubert - France

Scott Oz - United States

Simon Colombo - Argentina

Tim Schrumpf - Germany

Tom Samways - UK

Tom Sullivan - UK

 Yassine Bondouq - Morocco

Zul-qarnain Benatiro - Philippines