Health and Fitness

We think this is important.

Did you know that 60 minutes of skateboarding - which combines both high and low-impact aerobic exercise – can help you burn off a quarter of your daily-recommended caloric intake? Seriously. An extensive amount of research shows that daily or frequent exercise improves health and longevity... duh. So, why not use skateboarding as a way to help facilitate a healthy lifestyle? In other words, skateboarding, no matter what form, can help lead to a healthy lifestyle. Pushing or kicking to a location not only burns calories, but it strengthens your legs, your core, it improves your balance: IT MAKES YOU FEELBETTER.
This page was created to let you know that you are doing something worth-while with your skateboarding “hobby” – and so the next time you question whether you are just wasting time having fun (because we all know that’s bad) now you will know you are doing something good for your mind and body at the same time, with the same fun activity.Tune in to this page every once in a while in case there are ground breaking updates regarding fitness and skate/longboarding… we think there will be some in the near future.