Coming soon to a school near you-

We offer a course designed for students to explore design, art, collaborate with longboard/skateboard designers,
and to develop proficiencies as-well-as confidence with tools. The course provides everything that is need make
every participant successful. Additionally, every participant leaves the course with safety gear and a ride-able longboard!
The course begins with an exploration into the design of skateboards. At this point, the students design their own longboard/skateboard
templates with guidance. The students then transfer the template shape to pressed wood blanks and then cut out the shape using saws.
Then the boards are sanded, sanded, and sanded to smooth perfection.
Now the boards are ready for the students to express their creativity. The boards can be hand-painted, sprayed, and stained.
Students can design stencils to spray over background colors; really anything that the students can imagine can be used as graphics for the boards.
Once the graphics are dried and sealed with a clear coat, the grip tape is applied to keep the students feet connected with the boards.
The final step in this process involves students connecting and adjusting the longboard trucks and wheels to the board. Time is
spent here making sure that the students understand the mechanics and how to maintain a longboard truck and all related skateboard gear.
The final activity to really bring the students together as a community is to have them ride their new longboards together. This provides
time for beginners to learn the basics of starting, stopping, turning and how to properly wear the safety equipment.
This course never fails to bond to students together with a shared experience. At the end of the course, every student expresses
that they have “created the most amazing ride.” The shared experience with other students works by creating energy and more demand for hands-on courses.
If you are interested in showcasing this to your school or community please feel free.
This program can be used in any school, club, or community group.